Tourist Attractions

Sochi has a number of tourist attractions suitable for all ages and interests.

Here is some other attractions that may interest you.

Note: The event organisers have produced a Tourist Attractions Guide which you can download at this bottom of this page.

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

The largest aquarium in Russia

On the territory of 6,000 square meters there are 30 aquariums and a total of 5 million litres of water.

Feel like Neptune next to the aquarium, where colourful fish swim. Pass through the tunnel where the corals are sparkling and huge sharks swim by.

More info: Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Sochi Arboretum / Dendrariy Park

This subtropical park was founded in 1892 by Sergey Khudenkov, a publisher from St. Petersburg.

The park contains more than a thousand species of trees brought from all four continents. Some of the more exotic types are a candy tree, a fig tree, an iron tree, a soapberry tree, a strawberry tree, a sakma and a Magonia Billa.

The upper park is laid out in a formal style and is centred around the residence of the founder, an Italianate villa which is undergoing long-term restoration.

From the villa, a series of avenues radiate, each flanked by a different type of tree. There are classical pavilions and fountains.

The lower park is reached by an underpass and is designed in the ‘English' style' – that is to say much more freely – with lakes and a stream on which ducks and swans glide idle by.

However, this ‘Englishness' is offset by the sculptures which are most definitely Russian - large, muscular and uncompromising.

More info: Sochi Arboretum / Dendrariy Park

Sochi Riviera Park

Park “Riviera” is a beloved place of rest for tourists and citizens of the city. The park is situated on the left bank of the river of Sochi, not far from the sea and the Riviera bridge in the western part of Kurortniy prospect.

One of most impressive sights in the park is “Glade of Friendship”. By tradition every honorary guest of the city gets acquired the right to plant a magnolia here. Magnolia blossoms in cold season, often between December and January after the first snow.

In the center of the alley there is a marble bench of unusual form. It is called the “Bench of Reconciliation”. It is a very symbolic place for meetings of squabbled lovers.

“Riviera” is famous also for its 'Alley of Writers' featuring statues dedicated to the great Russian writers Pushkin, Nekrasov, Dostoevsky and many others.

More info: Sochi Riviera Park

Sochi Dolphinarium

Situated in the Sochi Riviera Park, the Dolphinarium or Aquatheatre is a popular tourist attraction for families visiting Sochi. It is the largest Dolphinarium in Russia and opened in September 2012.

The new dolphinarium can accommodate 1,300 guests and is open all the year round. The Dolphinarium is home to three dolphins, two seals and a baby sea lion. It will spread knowledge about sea mammals and campaign for nature conservancy. It will also have a dolphin therapy programme.

More info: Sochi Dolphinarium

Sochi Trout Farm

Trout was brought to Russia in 1911 from North America and was served only at Tsar's table. Since that time the legend has existed that trout is the fish of the Tsar.

Sochi's Trout Farm is situated on the bank of the river Mzymta. On the tour you will learn about the farm and different species of trout they breed. Near the farm there are restaurants where you can taste their products.

More info:

Other sports events

During the 2012-2013 season, more than 20 international competitions will take place in Sochi. In March you will have a chance to visit the following competitions:
  • IBU World Cup Biathlon at "Laura" Cross-country Ski & Biathlon Center, March 07-10, 2013
  • IPC Alpine Skiing World Cup at "Rosa Khutor" Alpine Center, March 09-12, 2013


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