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Visitor Visa Info

To travel to Russia all foreign citizens are required to have an Entry Visa. Russian visas can be obtained at your local Russian Embassy or Consulate. The information below is for VISITORS ONLY. Separate visa application... Read More

Visitor Accommodation

Sochi has a wide variety of accommodation available, from luxury to mid-range hotels, youth hostels to guest houses. Prices will range depending on the quality of hotel you choose. Please find below some hotels which ar... Read More


... Read More


Sochi is a city in Krasnodar Krai, in the South-West of Russia. The city is situated on the Black Sea coast near Georgia and Russia's border with Abkhazia.... Read More

About Sochi

Vibrant, beautiful, exciting, multi-cultural, Sochi is an unforgettable city which captures the very essence of a modern nation which makes it the perfect location for Russia’s first ever Olympic and Paralympic Win... Read More

Tourist Attractions

Sochi has a number of tourist attractions suitable for all ages and interests. Here is some other attractions that may interest you. Note: The event organisers have produced a Tourist Attractions Guid... Read More

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