WJCC 2013 Women: Day 6 Report

Scotland women were the first team to qualify for the play-offs at WJCC 2013 Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

With their 7-3 win over Denmark in Tuesday evening's ninth session of women's round-robin play in the World Junior Curling Championships in Sochi, Russia, defending champions Scotland became the first team of the entire Championships to clinch a place in the weekend's play-off games. Later results elsewhere guaranteed them a place in the Page 1 v 2 game.

The Scots controlled the game from the start, scoring two points in the first end when skip Hannah Fleming drew nicely into the four-foot ring with her second stone.

Denmark blanked the second end and scored just one instead of the two points they were looking for in the third end when skip Stephanie Risdal's second effort hit but rolled out instead of staying.

The Scots then added another two points in the fourth end for a 4-1 lead. With the Scots scoring another two points in the eighth end, then stealing a single point in the ninth end, the Danes conceded.

When she came off the ice, Scottish skip, Hannah Fleming, was not sure whether she had qualified, but said: "We seemed to have the upper hand most of the time when they had the hammer and forced their ones quite a lot.” She added: "Sometimes we were struggling a bit to make our twos, but then we'd maybe force them to make a mistake and I'd have a shot with my last for two, luckily it worked out most of the time."

This was Denmark's second loss of the day, having been beaten by Sweden 3-8 in the morning session, a result that gave Sweden just their second win so far.

Japan went down 5-9 to the Czech Republic in their morning game on Thursday, but recorded their fifth win of the event with an 8-2 victory over Norway to keep them well in the play-off hunt.

This victory was set up with a score of five points by Japan in the fourth end after they had blanked the previous three. Norwegian skip Kristine Davanger was heavy with her final draw as she faced four Japanese counters, and Japan skip, Sayaka Yoshimura, had a draw to the eight-foot ring for an overwhelming lead.

Afterwards, Yoshimura said: "Tonight we were good at hitting opponents' stones and making our stones stay. We also managed to put our stones in good positions, which helped a lot. Tonight’s win was really important for us in terms of making the play-offs.”

Switzerland had a good day, with two wins - 4-3 over Canada in a tight morning game, and then 7-5 over Russia in the evening session.

In the morning game, the Swiss built up a 4-2 lead after eight ends and resisted Canada's efforts to get back on terms. When the Canadians could do no more than score one point in the tenth end, the Swiss won 4-3 for what was only their second win so far.

The Swiss went on to beat Russia 7-5, thanks largely to a score of four points in the seventh end when fourth player, Jenny Perret, succeeded with a tricky light take-out around a guard, and this third win keeps them in the hunt for the play-offs, although Russia also remain involved with four wins.

After the evening win, Swiss skip Michelle Gribi said: “It's just great. It was a well-played game. Our four ender was just perfect. We started with the corner guards and then went behind them. Russia wasn't able to get them out and so we continued until we had four.”

Following their morning defeat to the Swiss, Canada went on to beat USA 10-4. As they played the fifth end, USA had a 3-2 lead but, in this end, Canadian third, Erin Pincott, set up an eventual score of two points with a delicate raise and roll over, a move that turned the game in Canada's favour. This result leaves Canada with just two wins, and out of play-off contention, while USA have three wins.

Afterwards, a philosophical 17-year-old Canadian skip Corryn Brown said: "Right now we have nothing to lose to be honest, we're kind of out of it. It'll be a tough road back here. But we've definitely taken advantage of the experience we've had here. We're a lot younger than the rest - but that's not why we're not in the playoff spot. It's lack of experience I think, but we've definitely taken a lot from this. We've got a couple wins under our belts, so it's not all bad.”


Session 8:
Sweden 8, Denmark 3; Switzerland 4, Canada 3; Czech Republic 9, Japan 5.

Session 9: Russia 5, Switzerland 7; Denmark 3, Scotland 7; Japan 8, Norway 2; USA 4, Canada 10.

Standings after 9 sessions:
Scotland won 7, lost 0
Japan 5-2
Denmark 4-3
Russia 4-3
Czech Republic 3-3
Switzerland 3-4
United States of America 3-4
Sweden 2-4
Canada 2-5
Norway 1-6

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The World Junior Curling Championships 2014 will take place in Flims, Switzerland, from 26 February to 5 March 2014 in the Waldhaus Curling Arena.

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